Netflix Added A Ton Of Great New Shows To Binge This Week

13 Reasons Why

Catching up with series on Netflix has become a familiar hobby for people during the lockdown – I’ve personally been working my way through Star Trek: The Next Generation – and the platform continues to add great shows and individual seasons to keep us all busy. Just this week, Netflix dropped the current episodes of Supernaturals fifteenth and final season, as well as making the first season of Hannibal available to subscribers. These, and other series, make up a good selection of the new additions to the platform this week.

Although fans still have to wait for the final episodes of Supernatural, due to COVID-19, thirteen episodes from season 15 of the incredibly long-lived CW show can now be streamed. The final seven episodes of Supernatural will air on The CW later this year, hopefully, before moving onto Netflix. Meanwhile, if you’ve not sampled the Winchester brothers’ adventures yet, now is as good a time as any to catch up on the 327 episodes of the show.

Hannibal is another great one to stream: consistently stylish, at times horrifically gruesome and rarely afraid to subvert expectations. So far, we’re just getting one season out of the three, which appears to be down to an existing licensing agreement that means the whole series can’t be uploaded at the same time. However, it does appear that the remaining episodes of the show will eventually be added to Netflix.

13 Reasons Why

Other series that come recommended this week include the fourth season of 13 Reasons Why, which is pretty much guaranteed to divide opinion over its subject matter. This block of episodes is the last for the show as well, after several years of declining ratings.

We also received the final nine episodes of sitcom hit Fuller House, a throwback to the classic network era that’s also still doing great things with the format. And finally, anime lovers can enjoy the third season of Baki, albeit with a Japanese, rather than an English dub.

So, there you have it, a lot of great content to enjoy in a week where Netflix have also added a new original movie and confirmed a large amount of fresh programming for July. What do you think has been the best series to arrive in recent weeks, though? As ever, let us know in the comments section down below.