The Flash, Supernatural, And Legacies Season Finales Delayed Due To Coronavirus

The Flash

The coronavirus has already had a devastating effect on the entertainment industry in 2020, causing cancellations, delays, and other shutdowns around the world. And now we’re hearing that The CW have decided to delay the season finales of The FlashSupernatural, and Legacies, the result of not being able to resume ongoing production. Although frustrating, the news makes sense given the uncertainty around when some semblance of normalcy will be possible, and we may still get these finales in 2020.

Of these shows, The Flash has already been on hold for a few weeks and currently has enough episodes to get it to May 19th, especially since there was a planned hiatus. After that, though, it’ll be off the air for a while and how many episodes in total will be delayed is another matter entirely, meaning that fans could have some open-ended questions for at least several months. At the very least, The CW are still pushing ahead with plans to launch their newest DC series, Stargirl, from the 19th.

Supernatural‘s delay, meanwhile, has the additional shame of occurring during the long-running series’ concluding fifteenth season and it’s already put out its last episode for some time. Fans can at least fall back on the long-awaited Supernatural and Legends of Tomorrow crossover, which was due to air this week but will now appear in April. In addition, production has already wrapped on Legends, so we won’t have to wait for its finale.

In terms of the other delayed series, fantasy drama Legacies is in its second season and is airing its final completed episode tonight. At present, there’s been no confirmation as to whether other CW series like Supergirl and Batwoman will have their season finales bumped, too, although both shows had this week’s episodes pulled from the schedules amidst production shutdowns.

Here’s hoping we get some more positive news soon on The Flash and Supernatural, although given the current situation, it was almost inevitable that many of our favorite series would join the long list of delayed releases.