This Week’s Batwoman And Supergirl Episodes Cancelled Due To Coronavirus


Coronavirus is affecting every sector of the film and TV industry. Cinemas have closed, upcoming releases are postponed, productions have been shut down and actors have gone into isolation. Now that most people are stuck at home, it should mean TV and streaming services are making out like bandits. And for the most part, they are. But it seems that the pandemic is even affecting shows that are in post-production.

Supernatural was recently pulled from the air due to the VFX studios involved being unable to finish work on it and now, The CW has confirmed that Batwoman and Supergirl will join it. As scheduled, Sunday would have seen the Batwoman episode “A Narrow Escape” and Supergirl‘s “Deus Lex Machina” air. They’ve now been postponed, though, with The CW airing repeats of “A Mad Tea Party” and “Back to the Future – Part Two” instead.

We don’t know for certain that the episodes have been pulled due to there being nobody around to finish their VFX, but it certainly looks that way. Most seem to think the upcoming outings of The Flash are destined to meet the same fate, too, though apparently the entire season of Legends of Tomorrow is complete.

The CW will likely be kicking themselves that they couldn’t get these done, especially as they have what’s almost literally a captive audience. That the VFX on these episodes is still being worked on so close to completion is also an indication that things must be pretty hectic when it comes to completing these shows in time.

It remains to be seen right now when Batwoman and Supergirl will continue their seasons. Both shows have shut down their shoots, though presumably it’s at least theoretically possible for VFX artists to work from home if they’re doing post-production. In any case, here’s hoping they can iron out these problems as soon as possible.