New Supernatural Season 14 Photos Tease What’s To Come For The Winchesters


Though some new footage taken from Supernatural‘s fourteenth season was actually shown at San Diego Comic-Con this past July, it was only those who were lucky enough to be attendance to have witnessed it. As for the rest of us, we’ve had to tide ourselves over with a sizzle reel (seen above) summing up what’s led us to this point.

So, while we wait for the first actual trailer that’ll hopefully hit the web at some point over the next few weeks, Entertainment Weekly has thankfully whet our appetites with some fresh images showing the new status quo which Sam and Dean Winchester will be forced to endure.

Seen below, the first photo shows Apocalypse World’s Michael proudly wearing Dean as a meat suit while meeting with the enigmatic Sister Jo, who just so happens to be played by Jensen Ackles’ real life wife, Danneel. As expected, this could set the stage for something quite intriguing, as Jensen had this to offer while speaking with the publication:

“He utilizes that meeting as an assessment of the greater realm of angels that exists. And she’s not necessarily the best representation of the angels that are out there, because she kind of has her own agenda and is a bit rogue. So his meeting with her does prove to be a little different than anticipated, which makes for an interesting dynamic.”

Knowing Jo’s recent association with Lucifer, it stands to reason that she’ll be a wild card in whatever’s to come. But if Michael’s expecting for an easy victory in this realm, he’s got another thing coming, because so few angels are left in existence. Still, “He’s taking a moment to assess the landscape,” as Jensen aptly put it.

As for the second photo, we see a bearded Sam in the company of a battered Castiel. Normally, Jared Padalecki reserves such facial hair for the off-season, but as he told EW, “Sam’s not worried about sleeping or eating or shaving. He’s trying to figure out what happens with different people’s vessels and different angels.”

There was some recent news hinting at the boys teaming up again as soon as episode 14×04, so perhaps Michael will locate a new vessel other than Dean by then – and Sam will therefore find the time to shave. We’ll see.

Supernatural returns for its fourteenth season on Thursday, October 11 on The CW.