Misha Collins shares excitement at being Harvey Dent in ‘Gotham Knights’

Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Misha Collins will be playing Harvey Dent in The CW’s Gotham Knights series and he couldn’t be any more excited about it.

A video on Youtube shows Collins and Supernatural co-star Jensen Ackles at the Supernatural New Jersey Con 2022, where the actor shared that he’s ready for a change of pace.

“I’m excited about the new show I’m working on, Gotham Knights. I’m excited to play a totally different character. I’m actually finding that I’m kind of excited to spend some time in a different city and get to know a new city and actually spend a little bit of time on my own, which is not something that I’ve done a lot of. So I’m kind of excited about the inner journey that that’s going to bring with it.”

The actor famously played everyone’s favorite angel Castiel in the long-running Supernatural. He saved Dean Winchester (Ackles) from hell and helped the Winchester brothers many times over the course of the series in their battle between heaven and hell. Now, Collins is ready for this new role in a much different setting.

Gotham Knights takes place in the aftermath of Bruce Wayne’s death, and follows a group of young crimefighters who are framed for his murder. The characters include Bruce Wayne’s adopted rebellious son, Stephanie Brown/Spoiler, and siblings Harper Row/Bluebird and Cullen Row as they defend Gotham City from its many villains.

Harvey Dent is Gotham City’s district attorney, and although not much is known about his role in the show, he has a long history with the Caped Crusader, and Collins has teased his role in the show. In the comics, Dent was a good friend of Bruce Wayne, and shared his hopes for making Gotham better. After a tragic accident splinters his mind, he becomes the villain Two-Face, who uses a flip of a coin to decide his course of action, which often turns out deadly.

The CW’s Gotham Knights doesn’t currently have a premiere date.