Misha Collins teases role as Harvey Dent on The CW’s ‘Gotham Knights’

'Supernatural' icon Misha Collins has teased his role as Harvey Dent on The CW's upcoming 'Gotham Knights' show.

For years, fans were desperate for the Arrowverse to crossover with Supernatural, but it sadly never happened during SPN‘s lifespan. Now the next best thing is happening, though, as Castiel himself Misha Collins has joined the cast of The CW’s latest DC TV series, Gotham Knights — and he’ll be playing one of the most iconic villains in Batman’s rogues gallery. As revealed a couple of weeks ago, Collins has been cast in the role of Gotham City District Attorney Harvey Dent.

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As everyone knows, Dent is destined to become the disfigured supercriminal Two-Face, although fans shouldn’t expect Collins to don heavy prosthetics straight away on the show. Collins recently attended the SPN Indy Convention, where he was quizzed on Gotham Knights during a Q&A panel (via Carrie Novak). The actor praised the “top-shelf” crew assembled for the series, singling out costume designer Natalie Bronfman.

“I can tell you that I’m playing Harvey Dent, which is a character from the Batman universe, who becomes Two-Face. I had a little compunction about that because I know my ex will be like ‘Fitting role!’ [laughs] That did actually cross my mind, I don’t want somebody to have such an easy insult for the rest of my life! Warner Bros. seems to be putting a lot into the pilot, it’s great, it seems like it has a great team behind it. For example, our costume designer did The Handmaid’s Tale, like really top-shelf people on the project. “

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Collins went on to reveal that he’ll just be portraying Harvey at first, with the plan being to play the long game with the character’s descent into darkness, as his Two-Face persona is unlikely to emerge until a theoretical second season (or possibly the first season finale).

“If it gets picked up and turned into a series – which would be really cool – my character will be Harvey Dent for the whole first year, so I have a nice long stretch of not being two-faced. And then I become Two-Face! Yeah, I’m looking forward to it and I’ll be the old person on the show!”

This tease should be exciting to fans as it suggests that Gotham Knights could be using its long-form format to explore Dent in a much deeper way than the movies have been able to do. Harvey’s transformation into Two-Face should be even more tragic and dramatic if audiences have got to know him as a good man and dedicated lawyer for a whole season beforehand.

Of course, we don’t yet know whether the show is going to make it to series. Starring the likes of Oscar Morgan, Anna Lore, Fallon Smythe, and Oliva Rose Keegan as a team of teen vigilantes protecting the city in the wake of Bruce Wayne’s death, Gotham Knights begins shooting its pilot next week. Once that’s wrapped and the network has mulled it over, we’ll find out whether it’ll join the rest of The CW’s lineup for the 2022/2023 season.

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