The Mandalorian 2×03 Synopsis Teases New Allies

The Mandalorian

We’re already 25% of the way through The Mandalorian‘s second season and there’s still no indication of what the driving force of the plot is going to be. The two episodes have been great in their own unique ways, but after creator Jon Favreau teased a much larger and more expansive story for season 2, the first few weeks have been almost completely self-contained.

“The Marshal” was an old fashioned Western set on the dusty plains of Tatooine, while “The Passenger” leaned much harder into sci-fi and horror territory as Mando and The Child ended up being attacked by a swarm of creepy crawlies while they ferried the Frog Lady across the galaxy. There was also plenty of humor in what was a very Baby Yoda-heavy episode, although some fans were a little concerned about the cute little critter devouring the unborn spawn of someone that just wanted to reunite with their husband and start a family.

The Mandalorian is going to have to start setting the narrative into motion over the next couple of weeks, and the synopsis for this Friday’s episode makes it look as though the bigger picture might finally start coming into view, as you can see below.

“The Mandalorian braves high seas and meets unexpected allies.”

While that doesn’t seem to give away an awful lot of information, the reference to the high seas could be telling. In the first trailer for season 2, we caught a glimpse of the mystery character played by WWE’s Sasha Banks, who looked to be keeping a watchful eye on Mando and Baby Yoda from a dock or port of some description. Now that we know The Mandalorian will take to the water and introduce some new allies for the central duo, we could finally be finding out who the professional wrestler is playing this week.