The Best Netflix Original Series To Watch Right Now


Netflix took the world by storm over the past decade and for many movie and tv watchers, it has become their go-to service.

The popularity of Netflix has come from multiple components, but a big part is the extensive line of original content that the platform is producing and releasing exclusively to its users. In 2013, Netflix begun work prepping to produce their own series and began releasing content later that year. The first big programming hit came with House of Cards, but now there is plenty of content to binge through available at your fingertips.

There’s something for everyone right now on Netflix, but this article will focus on our picks of the best overall original series on the platform.


If you’re after something unique then Netflix’s LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS is the perfect show to dive into. The anthology series tells all kinds of separate stories using a range of impressive animation styles. As you’d expect many of the stories shown in each episode have a deeper message, but even outside of that the quality of animation is something you must witness.

The Umbrella Academy

Adapted from the series of comic books of the same name, Netflix bought The Umbrella Academy to the big screen for the first time in 2019 and was met with high praise. The series follows a group of children who were all born on the same day during a global anomaly that saw 43 children enter the world with no signs of any pregnancy. As you’d expect, the children weren’t the most normal boasting their own unique superpower.

After being adopted by a mysterious billionaire for use of their powers as children, the group of seven have some serious family problems going on when the series picks up in their adulthood.

BoJack Horseman

Netflix has quite the range of adult animated series on its platform but their original work BoJack Horseman excels above the rest. Following BoJack, a washed-up sitcom actor who was a star in the ’90s as he tries to rekindle his career and get back into the limelight later in age, this series takes place in a world of anthropomorphic animals and people and is one of the best comedy series you’ll find on the platform.


Ozark is one of the biggest gems you’ll find on Netflix today. The series focuses on Marty Byrde, a financial planner who thanks to his business partner finds himself caught up with the cartel. While struggling to deal with these complications Marty is also dealing with a collapsing marriage and trying to balance his business life without involving his family. There are three seasons of the show available to stream today so you’ll have plenty to sink your teeth into.

Cobra Kai

In 2020 Netflix took over production on the Karate Kid spin-off series Cobra Kai which began its run as a YouTube premium series. For those familiar with the original films this show will be full of nostalgia bringing the main cast back to the screen, now as adults. New viewers to this franchise can expect a fun teen drama with a focus on Karate of course.

The Witcher

Whether you’re familiar with The Witcher novels, games, or just want to catch Henry Cavill in all his glory on screen then this series is for you. Throughout this series, we are introduced to Geralt of Rivia, the first Witcher in the series. A Witcher is an outcast who travels around hunting mythical creatures for money. Being the first season in what looks to have plans to be around for many years, so far the story has been educating viewers on its characters and law while laying the groundwork for a greater threat to come.

Later in 2021, there will be a follow-up season two of The Witcher coming to Netflix and this promises to kick things up a notch becoming Netflix’s answer to Game of Thrones for the foreseeable future.

If you haven’t checked The Witcher out already it is definitely one of the best Fantasy shows on Netflix and is something anyone can sink their teeth into.


First releasing in August of 2017, Atypical was a surprising standout among Netflix’s roster and something different to binge through over summer. The show follows Sam, a boy with Autism as he navigates his way through high school while remaining true to himself. While the focus is put on Sam, for the most part, one of the things that make the show so impressive is the way it displays the effects his autism has on his family and those around him. As he begins to become more independent his mother Elsa is forced to undergo her own life-changing experience for better or worse.

With a third season recently launched there is plenty of Atypical to binge through. Despite its more serious premise, Atypical finds a way to balance drama with plenty of humor to lighten the mood. Be sure to add this one to your watch list this summer.

Making A Murderer

Something for the crime buff in your family, Making a Murderer is one of the more well-known docu-series on the platform. In the show, we are shown the case of Steven Avery, a man who had spent years behind bars after being wrongfully convicted for rape. After being released, Avery was sent back to prison, this time for a different crime alongside his nephew Brendan Dassey. There are two seasons of the show currently available and the first delves deep into the alleged crime, explaining the convicted Avery’s past and attempting to objectively prove who could have been responsible for the murder at hand.

In season two, after the release of the show popularity on the case spiked, and a new team of investigators plans to analyze the data and take a look at the evidence in an attempt to prove innocence.

If you’re after something based in reality that will suck you in from the first episode then Making a Murderer is the show for you, just make sure you allocate plenty of free time.

Stranger Things

If there is one thing Netflix does well it’s their fantasy series and this was mostly kicked off thanks to Stranger Things. With obvious inspiration from The Goonies, Stranger Things mostly focuses on a group of five kids as one goes missing and things in the town of Hawkins, Indiana starts to take a supernatural turn.

This is one of those shows that can appeal to any viewer with there being plenty of characters that could appeal to all demographics. The overall story is perfectly executed and evolved throughout the current three seasons available. There are plans to continue the story is a fourth so we recommend you catch up on all the action prior to its release later this year.

Black Mirror

If you wanted some exposure to the worst possible futures for society then the Sci-Fi series Black Mirror has you covered. This anthology series brings something different with each episode, but they all speak to a larger issue in modern-day society. From dealing with surveillance, privacy, social capital, or politics, the show does the perfect job of stepping it up to the extreme and showcasing all the dangers that can be associated with each specific issue.

There are currently five seasons of the series available with around 22 episodes between them, but if you’re getting the itch for more Black Mirror once you’re done then you should check out the Bandersnatch interactive film that is also on Netflix.

In Bandersnatch, viewers are given the power to make decisions for the character on screen and ultimately pilot them through the story, however, it still retains all the eerie Black Mirror goodness along the way.