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‘The Boys’ showrunner reveals the one note Amazon had for ‘Herogasm’

It definitely could have been a lot worse.

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Incredibly, some fans were left disappointed that the hotly-anticipated “Herogasm” episode of The Boys was a little underwhelming, because we’re all a bunch of sick people who demand our superhero orgies by as depraved as utterly possible.

It’s not as if the show was holding back, though, with all sorts of weird and wonderful sexual escapades unfolding in, on, and around the 70th annual event that sees Supes from all over the world unite for the sole purpose of getting it on in the most bizarrely enhanced fashion you could imagine.

Given the content, you’d have thought the Amazon higher-ups would have been constantly batting away ideas for how much was too much, but showrunner Eric Kripke revealed to Variety that he only received one instruction, and it was a fairly tame one.

“The one note we got from Amazon, which was a good note, was, ‘In every moment, we have to understand that this is a superhero orgy, and not just an orgy’. We actually added afterwards, a lot of new gags and visual effects. Like, I love that there’s that floating Starlight vibrator that’s just cruising around the party. That was not originally scripted or in there. We added that in VFX later. There’s a lot of moments like that that are just kind of happening in the background.”

As anyone to have seen “Herogasm” will attest, Kripke and his team did make it abundantly clear that this is definitely not an orgy full of regular people (besides Hughie and Mother’s Milk, who were there for other reasons), so Amazon would have been as happy as they could have been with the results.

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