‘The Boys’ showrunner says season 3 trailer is coming soon

jack quaid hughie the boys

Billy Butcher and his gang of misfits in The Boys are preparing for their next diabolical adventure, with the first trailer for the upcoming third run releasing sometime in the next few weeks. At least that’s according to showrunner Eric Kripke, who took to Twitter to personally give fans a much-needed update on the status of season three.

If you’re wondering why we didn’t get a new season of The Boys in 2021, the ever vicious culprit of productivity known as the Covid-19 pandemic is your answer. Fortunately, the crew of Prime Video’s superhero series have already wrapped filming and are currently adding the post-production magic to season three, with a slated release date of June 3.

In fact, according to executive producer Eric Kripke, work on the first four episodes is already finished and a trailer is on the way. As for the rest of the episodes, the showrunner says that there are still a “couple hundred VFX shots to finish, though other than that, the supes and the vigilantes fighting them should be good to go.

Amazon Studios recently released a trailer for the upcoming The Boys: Diabolical animated series, targeted towards fans who can’t possibly wait another three months for their favorite comic book story to return. The show, releasing on March 4, will have everything you love about The Boys; dark comedy, adult themes and more – telling a brand new story in the world created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

If that doesn’t quite quench our thirst for the highly anticipated “off-the-charts crazy” season three, at least we now know that a trailer is finally arriving in a manner of weeks.