‘The Boys’ showrunner says season 3 will be off-the-charts crazy

The Boys

The Boys‘ first two seasons were massive hits for Amazon Prime and helped the streaming service challenge the dominance of Netflix in the market. After more than a year’s wait, expectations are high for next year’s hotly-anticipated third season. After the cliffhanger of the season 2 finale, we have a decent idea of where we’re going next. Jensen Ackles is joining the cast as Soldier Boy, with Aya Cash and Shawn Ashmore returning as Stormfront and Lamplighter respectively.

Now, during an interview with TV Insider, showrunner Eric Kripke has promised that the new episodes take things further than ever before:

“There’s definitely a lot of madness. It’s not a secret that we’re doing an episode about ‘Herogasm’ from the comics, which is a massive superhero orgy. And we’re doing something in the first episode that I think is definitely the craziest thing we’ve ever pulled off … and might be one of the craziest things anybody’s ever tried to pull off.”

Similar things were said by the cast and crew ahead of season 2 and that certainly didn’t disappoint. It’ll be particularly fun to see how the show handles the ‘Herogasm’ arc, which sees Earth’s heroes gather to face a dire cosmic threat… which is actually an excuse for them all to attend a Voight-sponsored orgy. ‘Herogasm’ won’t be the season opener but, much like Homelander and his buddies, it’s coming soon.

Kripke has also teased this before on Twitter:

The Boys‘ second season was a genuine highlight of 2020 and pushed the boundaries of what can be done in a TV show and what you can get away with in superhero media, not to mention providing a much-needed counterpoint to the PG-13 MCU. Simply put, fans can’t wait for season 3 (but must until the coming year).