The Crew Seeks Shelter On The Ranch In Extended Preview For Fear The Walking Dead Season 3


Trading the high seas for a quaint (and potentially dangerous?) Mexican ranch, Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) and the remainder of the crew can be seen taking a much-needed breather from the post-apocalyptic action in this first preview for Fear the Walking Dead, AMC’s companion series that’s set to unveil its third season early next month.

At the tip-top of the pecking order is Jeremiah Otto (Dayton Callie), a patriarch who has spent the past decade preparing for a doomsday scenario along with his two sons: Daniel Sharman (The Originals) and Sam Underwood (The Following). Such forward-thinking led to the creation of a self-sustaining haven replete with solar panels and a truckload of fruit and vegetable.

So far, so good, but by living in complete isolation, the Otto family – or “preppers,” as they’re referred to in the featurette above – is blissfully unaware of the walking dead, and it’s up to the Clarks to impart some much-needed wisdom when it comes to battling the undead. Curious to see more of those characters in action? Just yesterday, AMC rolled out a series of monotone photos designed to spotlight Nick, Luciana, and many more.

Also on board for Fear the Walking Dead season are Travis (Cliff Curtis), Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), Nick (Frank Dillane), along with Jeremiah (Dayton Callie), Troy (Daniel Sherman), Jake Otto (Sam Underwood) and Lola Guerrero (Lisandra Tena).

With AMC’s flagship now in the midst of its annual hiatus – expect TWD to return for a whirlwind eighth season in the fall – Fear the Walking Dead ought to keep the zombie cravings at bay when Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson’s companion series returns for its third season on June 4th. But will you be tuning in? Let us know in the usual place.

Source: Yahoo!