The CW Is Reportedly Working On Their Own Catwoman Project

Though the Bat-verse was once off limits to them, The CW has well and truly embraced the world of Gotham City over the past few years thanks to Batwoman, which is just about to head into its third season. And this time around, the Arrowverse show is expanding its roster of iconic characters, with the likes of Poison Ivy, Mad Hatter and others due to appear. But could Catwoman be on her way to the CW, too?

We’ve heard from our reliable sources – the same ones who fed us accurate information on Superman & Lois in the past – that the network is secretly working on its own Catwoman project. That’s all we can reveal about this for now, so it’s unclear if this would be directly connected to the Arrowverse, but the odds are that it would be a Batwoman offshoot of some kind if it did come to fruition.

It’s important to note that just because this project would be based around Catwoman, that doesn’t mean Selina Kyle will necessarily be the star. It might do, but DC is busy using Selina in The Batman universe so it’s feasible The CW wouldn’t get the clearance to use her. Instead, it could focus on one of the few other women to take on Selina’s mantle in the comics. For instance, her protégé Holly Robinson.

Likewise, the fact we’re hearing this is something the network is working on isn’t to say it’s definitely going to happen. The CW seemingly develops a range of new DC projects every year, with only one or two making them to air. For instance, The CW was developing a Wonder Girl show, Black Lightning spinoff Painkiller and Ava DuVernay’s Naomi for the next TV season and only Naomi managed to get past the pilot stage.

While we wait for more on this intriguing Catwoman project, Batwoman season 3 premieres October 13th on The CW.