Watch: Batwoman Season 3 Trailer Reveals Two Iconic Villains


Previously on Batwoman: A case of Batman’s trophies taken from his foes ended up getting washed down Gotham River. We were promised that this would result in both the return of some of the Dark Knight’s most dangerous enemies as well as new versions of others. Sure enough, the trailer for The CW show’s third season is now here and it reveals that fans can expect to see Mad Hatter and Killer Croc enter the Arrowverse.

Though Javicia Leslie’s Ryan Wilder is keen to track down all the trophies before they fall into the wrong hands, Team Batwoman is unfortunately too late to stop Jervis Tetch’s mind-controlling top hat from being found by what looks to be a Gotham University student who shares his kooky personality and obsession with Alice in Wonderland. Later in the trailer, we get a brief glimpse of Ryan in a sewer, battling with a hulking monstrosity that can only be Killer Croc.

We also have our first look at Victoria Cartagena’s big return as Renee Montoya, as she informs Alice (Rachel Skarsten) that she’s being removed from Arkham Asylum to help the heroes recover the trophies. Though this is Montoya’s Arrowverse debut, Cartagena previously played the GCPD cop in Gotham, marking the first crossover between the Fox series and The CW’s universe.

Though she’s not featured, Poison Ivy is alluded to via a shot of one of her vines in a container. Agent Carter‘s Bridget Regan has previously been announced to be joining the cast as Pamela Isley. In other words, a bunch of iconic comic book supervillains are going to be stopping by Batwoman this season, which makes this run a must-watch for Bat-fans everywhere.

Don’t miss Batwoman season 3 when it premieres on The CW in just a few weeks’ time on Wednesday, Oct. 13.