The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Star Rumored For Moon Knight Role

Moon Knight

Official details on Disney Plus series Moon Knight are hard to come by, even though cameras started rolling towards the end of April in Hungary. In fact, it was months after the news first broke that Oscar Isaac was officially confirmed as the title hero, and that sense of secrecy has permeated production ever since.

Ethan Hawke was announced as the villain all the way back in January but we’ve still got no idea who the four-time Academy Award nominee is playing. The same goes for May Calamawy and Alexander Cobb, the only other pair of names to have been locked in for the roster. However, a cast listing on the website of model and actor Gaspard Ulliel’s talent agency hinted that he’s been hired as Anton Mogart, also known as Midnight Man.

The latest rumor claims that Moon Knight has added its first familiar Marvel Cinematic Universe face, with Emily VanCamp’s Sharon Carter pegged for either a cameo appearance or supporting role in the show. That leads to all sorts of interesting storyline possibilities, especially when The Falcon and the Winter Soldier outer the former Agent 13 as the Power Broker.

In the comic books, Marc Spector once worked for the CIA, which could potentially provide a connection between the two. There’s been plenty of chatter that the Power Broker could have a vastly increased presence in the MCU moving forward, and now that she’s back in the employ of the government and still using her connections for nefarious means, any number of shady scenarios could unfold that tie her to Moon Knight, with the six-episode miniseries expected to tell the origin story of how Spector got his powers from the Egyptian moon god Khonshu.