The Final Easter Egg For Loki Might Have Been Discovered

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Image: Marvel / Disney

The first season of Loki was a treat for MCU fans, with the series littering Easter Eggs throughout its storyline, as well as providing hints of upcoming creatures and characters. With the second block of episodes possibly not even going before the cameras until 2023, Disney Plus subscribers can at least console themselves by rewatching the instalments we had this year, and seeing how they line up with new programs and movies. However, it seems that the last Easter Egg on Loki might have been identified, after executive producer Michael Waldron previously said there was one left.

Over on Twitter, user @xenateach suggests that the reference is to be found in the fifth episode, “Journey Into Mystery”, wherein we meet multiple Loki variants within the Void. When a fight breaks out between the different incarnations of the trickster God, Kid Loki throws Alligator Loki to create a diversion and allow the others to escape the scene.

The theory goes, then, that this move echoes the sequence in Thor: Ragnarok where Loki and Thor discuss the “Get Help” prank from when they were children, which involves the latter pretending his brother is injured before throwing him at their opponents. As Easter Eggs go, this one’s not particularly deep, but it could follow up on the moment we see in Loki where Hiddleston jumps from a plane and is transported back to Asgard as part of a bet with Thor.

Given that the original Twitter post was sent by @xenateach to Waldron in August, and doesn’t seem to have been answered, we don’t know yet whether this is the actual “last” Easter Egg for Loki. Still, there is a logic to the “Get Help” plan being consistent across universes, even if it doesn’t turn out to be as big a reveal as first thought.