The Flash Synopsis Teases A Surprising Character Developing New Powers


In The Flash‘s Central City, it’s not uncommon for characters to develop superpowers, thanks to the handy Particle Accelerator explosion that’s filled the town with metahumans. Over the past few years, for example, many of Barry’s friends have become superheroes – including Wally West, Caitlin Snow and Jesse Quick.

Though they likely won’t suit up and take to the streets to fight crime, another supporting character from The CW’s hit show will develop special abilities in an upcoming episode: Cecile, Joe’s girlfriend who’s currently pregnant with their child. The synopsis for season 4, episode 12, titled “Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash,” reveals the surprising twist.

THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MEN — A meta who can shrink anything he touches battles Team Flash. Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Ralph (guest star Hartley Sawyer) get caught in his crossfire and are shrunk to miniature versions of themselves. Cecile (guest star Danielle Nicolet) realizes her pregnancy has caused her to have temporary powers and discovers she can hear other people’s thoughts, which unnerves Joe (Jesse L. Martin). Meanwhile, Barry (Grant Gustin) meets someone with a mysterious connection to Henry Allen. Chris Peppe directed the episode written by Sam Chalsen & Judalina Neira.

Though it sounds like this will be mostly a comic episode, no doubt to counterbalance the darker tone of the next few outings (in which Barry will be on trial for murder), Cecile’s temporary powers could hint at an important development to come. For example, if her pregnancy has led her to develop these abilities, then it could mean that her and Joe’s child will also be a metahuman.

Meanwhile, the subplot about Barry meeting someone who knew his father sounds intriguing. For one, this storyline hints that he’ll end up in Iron Heights, where Henry Allen was imprisoned for years. It seems Barry’s trial won’t go in his favour, then, leading us to wonder how long will the Thinker’s scheme keep him behind bars?

The Flash returns with episode 4×10 “The Trial of the Flash” on Tuesday, January 16th.