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‘The Flash’ star Grant Gustin in talks to return for ninth season

The Flash star Grant Gustin is reportedly close to signing on for another 15-episode season of the show after this year's run.

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According Deadline, The Flash star Grant Gustin is close to signing a deal for a ninth season of the eponymous TV show, which will reportedly run for 15 episodes.

The eighth run of The CW’s superhero series is just starting to delve into Barry Allen’s next story arc as the Scarlet Speedster, but it seems that the network is adamant about keeping the actor around for at least another outing next year.

Based on the latest information, Gustin is negotiating a one-year deal, though a multi-season offer was also said to be on the table. The contract will also come with a sizeable raise, which will net him upwards of $200,000 for his involvement in every episode.

What’s more, Gustin is apparently only willing to sign on for 15 episodes and no more, so the writers’ room will probably have to work the narrative around that cap if it ends up being the case.

The news comes amid a corporate battle for The CW’s acquisition, which has made the prospects of a future for the Arrowverse tremulous, but the company must feel sure about keeping The Flash alive for at least the time being, despite the fact that most fans would agree the series has been on autopilot ever since Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Gustin himself is actually keen on continuing to don the costume on TV, but based on what he said at the end of season 7, a lot of his co-stars don’t share these sentiments. “Seven [seasons] is it for most of the cast actually, but I think it would be great if we can continue after that,” He told Entertainment Tonight.

That ultimately begs the question of whether the next season will be the show’s last, but I guess that decision also depends on The CW’s ultimate fate.

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