The Hidden Meaning Behind Squid Game’s Coin Flip Scene

Netflix’s Squid Game is the streaming network’s biggest series launch of all time that only seems to increase in significance with each re-watch, due to the survival drama’s many twists and turns.

One fan theory suggests the hidden meaning behind the triangle featured in a specific scene.

This was pointed out to us by Reddit user Trigorie in the Squid Game subreddit, though specified he can’t take credit for the theory.

The show centers around a life-or-death contest involving kids’ games for a life-changing sum of money for financially destitute people recruited to a secluded island by a shadowy organization.

In the Honeycomb game, Park Hae Soo’s Sang Woo was privy to what the premise of the game was due to intel from HoYeon Jung’s Sae-byeok’s insights. However, Sang Woo doesn’t tell his teammates — Lee ung-jae’s Gi Hun, Anupam Tripathi’s Ali Abdul, and O Yeong-su’s Il-nam — instead choosing the easiest shape, while the rest chose more difficult ones.

Gi Hun chose the difficult umbrella shape for the sugar snack game, while Sang Woo chose a triangle.

Gi Hun then gives Sang Woo a suspicious look following the game’s conclusion, when the team re-groups.

While Gi Hun continues to give Sang Woo the benefit of the doubt, up until he sees Sang Woo callously murder other contestants, the two are soon the last remaining contestants.

When Gi Hun is asked to make a call on a coin flip to determine who will go first when they face off in the final Squid Game, Gi-Hun replies: “triangle” while making unbroken eye contact with Sang Woo, as if to indicate he now knows Sang Woo betrayed him earlier.

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