The internet debates if Joe Exotic should be released after Tiger King season 2 drops

Following the release of the second season of Netflix’s mega-hit docuseries Tiger King, many on the internet are drawing lines in the sand in terms of throwing their support either behind its central figure, Joe Exotic, or his arch-nemesis — of whom he was convicted to plot to murder — Carol Baskin.

The show centers around the upside-down world of the handlers of large cats, who seem to have a cutthroat competition among each other. Season two revealed an allegation that Exotic was framed for the hit on Baskin and was himself sought as a target of a hit at one point, by fellow big cat owner Jeff Lowe. The revelation comes from Allen Glover, the man who was himself paid by Exotic to off Baskin, according to Variety.

Other bizarre details emerged in the show, including Exotic’s former occupation as a police officer and his failed bid to get then-President Donald Trump to pardon him.

And of course, the show delves deeper into Baskin and the allegations surrounding her that she killed her husband, Don Lewis.

Baskin is also a big cat handler but has herself come under scrutiny for animal abuse, which is the long-held allegation that she has accused Exotic of doing. Exotic was eventually convicted of not only two counts of attempted murder, but multiple charges of animal abuse as well.

People had strong feelings all over the internet on just who should be punished and who should be set free.

Many were simply delighted at some of the stranger details revealed in the show, such as Exotic stripping for the mayor of his town.

However, some were not so quick to defend Exotic, who let’s remember was convicted in court of attempted murder and animal abuse.

In terms of Baskin, many were critical of her in terms of the animal abuse allegations as well, setting aside any rumors about offing her husband, who may possibly be in hiding due to his own nefarious deeds out in Costa Rica, according to Lewis’ former attorney.

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