The Italian Job TV Series Reportedly In The Works At Paramount+

The Italian Job

For a one-off British crime caper that was released over 50 years ago, The Italian Job hasn’t half shown some impressive staying power. Not only did it get a 2003 remake starring Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Edward Norton and Jason Statham that made $176 million at the box office and came very close to getting a Brazilian-set sequel, but it also got the Bollywood treatment in 2012’s Players.

It additionally launched a charity driving event of the same name that’s been running since 1990, not to mention a 2001 video game. A few years ago, there were plans in place for an episodic continuation of the property that never came to fruition, but a new rumor offers that The Italian Job is back in the works, this time as a streaming series for Paramount+.

the italian job

While the report doesn’t offer any sort of details or specifics, we should point out that this is hardly an “exclusive” from “trusted and proven sources” when the project was already announced in February of this year. In fact, we already know from the initial announcement that Paramount+’s The Italian Job will focus on the grandchildren of lead character Charlie Croker, who inherit his safety deposit box, reigniting the hunt for the legendary cache of Italian gold.

Not only that, but it was ordered script-to-series with Donald De Line producing, and former Hawaii Five-0 co-showrunner Matt Wheeler was named as writer and executive producer. So what we’re really looking at is an update that offers less information than the studio already made public, but it could at least be an indication that The Italian Job is moving along through development and pre-production as the various other pieces start to come together behind the scenes.