‘The Last Kingdom’ producers reflect on the end of an era

The Last Kingdom
The Last Kingdom/Netflix

Netflix’s hit historical fiction series The Last Kingdom ended a few weeks ago after five seasons and 46 episodes. The show, which starred Alexander Dreymon as Uhtred, a Saxon-born man raised by Vikings, was a critical success throughout its run, and producers Garett Neame and Migel Marchant had emotional reactions to the show’s ending. 

In an interview with Variety, both Neame and Marchant reflected on The Last Kingdom filming on location in Hungary, and the eventual success that it found on the world’s biggest streaming service. Tagging the final moments between the cast and crew as “an end of an era”, Marchant expressed his feelings about the end of production. 

“It was the first time we didn’t have another show that we were putting into production in Hungary. It really is an end of an era.”

For Neame, he revealed how much he enjoyed working with the local crew in Hungary, as well as the partnership between the locals and the English-speaking members of the production. 

“The local crew there felt ownership. We didn’t just come in, and all the heads of departments are English-speaking, and it’s our show and they just work on it. This was a full total partnership between the Brits in the crew and the Hungarians, [and] we feel very proud of what we all achieved.”

Feature-length continuation Seven Kings Must Die will begin filming this year, but as of yet there’s no official word on which members of The Last Kingdom cast will be signing on to wield their swords and battleaxes one final time.