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‘The Last of Us’ set designers give probably unauthorized BTS looks at the series

We're terrified and grossed out by this world, but we can't look away.

Fans of The Last of Us were in hog’s heaven on Sunday night for the second episode of the HBO adaptation. After a premiere that established the world and stakes for those new to Naughty Dog’s broken world, it was time to kick off the adventure with a perilous journey through what’s left of Boston.

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This captured the game’s ambience down to a tee, with nature slowly reclaiming the landscape, abandoned cars slowly rusting, skyscrapers falling to bits, and tendrils of fungus creeping across buildings. And then there were the Clickers, who proved as disturbing on TV as they did in the game.

HBO spared no expense in bringing this world to life, creating some truly epic sets and backing them up with incredible digital work. Now, some set designers and artists are showing off what they achieved, and though HBO might not be too happy about unauthorized BTS pics, we think these people have earned the right to boast:

Working with a flooded set must be a production nightmare:

Prior to the premiere, critics received the full first series to review, and episode three was universally singled out for praise. Titled “Long Long Time,” this will focus on Nick Offerman’s survivalist Bill – a scavenger providing equipment to others – who has rigged an entire town with traps to keep him safe from the infected. Apparently, this is essentially a self-contained love story that only briefly features Joel and Ellie, and will be the largest divergence from the game’s story yet.

The Last of Us is on a winning streak at the moment, and even though we’re frequently terrified and grossed out by what Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann are putting onscreen, we can’t look away.

The Last of Us airs Sundays on HBO.

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