The Mandalorian Season 3 Set Photos Tease A Brand New Location

the mandalorian
Image via Lucasfilm

The streaming series may largely be filmed indoors on Lucasfilm’s Stagecraft volume, but that doesn’t mean set photos from The Mandalorian don’t end up appearing online anyway. In fact, a fresh batch has just arrived with production now underway, less than 24 hours after Carl Weathers turned up for his first day at work.

Given how heavily the Star Wars show relies on visual effects to bring its world to life, the snaps aren’t of a particularly revealing nature, but they nonetheless tease some fresh locales being added to the myriad of towns, villages, cities and planets we’ve visited across the first two seasons.

Jason Ward of and The Making Star Wars Show shared the images, which see a vast set surrounded by blue screen backdrops. A surprisingly large outdoor construction given The Mandalorian‘s largely interior-based shooting schedule, a maze of streets lead to a large door or entryway, but it’s hard to glean much beyond that.

Fans will take whatever they can get, though, especially when The Mandalorian isn’t expected to return to our screens until the fourth quarter of 2022, but Disney Plus subscribers will at least be getting The Book of Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi to tide them over in the interim until Din Djarin returns.