The Mandalorian Star Begins Shooting Season 3 Today

the mandalorian

We’ve been hearing for weeks that production on Season 3 of The Mandalorian was well underway, with reports making the rounds that Kevin McKidd had been spotted on set, sending the rumor mill into overdrive that Fenn Rau would be the latest animated alumni to make the jump into live-action.

However, not all of the principal cast members have been needed since day one, as revealed by Carl Weathers. The Rocky and Predator legend will be returning as Greef Karga and directing another episode, but clearly his services aren’t required for the duration of a shoot that’s said to last right through until next March.

Greef has never been one of The Mandalorian‘s major players, having largely acted as an exposition machine used to further the broader strokes of the narrative, but more Carl Weathers is never a bad thing. You can check out the 73 year-old’s tweet below, which has already generated tens of thousands of likes.

Pedro Pascal isn’t going to be there, though, with the actor busy until next summer shooting The Last of Us in Canada. With the leading man otherwise engaged and Gina Carano gone, Weathers’ two closest onscreen cohorts will be missing from The Mandalorian‘s third run, so it’ll be a brand new filming experience for the veteran.