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The second-ever live-action MCU series rumored to land a season 2 renewal would ironically be the one to cause the biggest schism

It would be totally worth it just for the reactions.

she hulk attorney at law
Image via Marvel Studios

The return of Tom Hiddleston’s God of Mischief is almost upon us, and yet there’s no word on any other live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe series being officially renewed for a second season.

The longer the wait continues, the more suspicion will grow that Disney’s rampant cost-cutting might be a factor in the decision, seeing as Bob Iger has already hinted that he’ll be scaling back the constant rollout of new content hailing from Kevin Feige’s superhero empire.

she hulk attorney at law
via Marvel Studios

Even the animated projects that have been guaranteed additional episodes are hovering around in the ether without doing very much, but the latest addition to the never-ending churn of speculation has named She-Hulk: Attorney at Law as a prospective candidate for season 2, which would be totally worth it just to see half of the internet explode as a result.

Don’t let the trolls fool you, though, because Tatiana Maslany’s debut as Jennifer Walters is pretty good. Sure, it’s a million miles away from being a classic, but it’s hardly the egregious affront to the good name of Marvel that saw it review-bombed into oblivion as the franchise’s lowest-rated project on Rotten Tomatoes in terms of its user average, because it’s a damn sight superior to both Inhumans and Secret Invasion.

Of course, it’s all just hearsay and speculation at this stage, but Disney Plus is making it clearer and clearer that the future will be almost nothing but the MCU and Star Wars, so don’t bet against it happening, either.

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