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Andrew Lincoln Spotted Filming New Movie, Sends Walking Dead Fans Crazy

Former Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln has been spotted filming a new movie in Austraila, placing The Walking Dead fans on red alert.

Rick Grimes The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln is back in front of the camera… but he’s seemingly forgotten his badge and gun.

The British star was spotted filming a new project called Penguin Bloom in Australia, which soon placed The Walking Dead fanbase on red alert, many of whom are expecting news on the standalone Rick Grimes movie trilogy to come out of AMC.

Alas, it soon became clear that this photo isn’t lifted from the set of The Walking Dead spinoff, and is instead taken on the set of Penguin Bloom, a drama in which Lincoln will share the screen with Naomi Watts, Jackie Weaver and Rachel House. Mind you, he’s certainly sporting a similar haircut to the one seen during seasons 1-8 of The Walking Dead

Based on Bradley Trevor Grieve and Cameron Bloom’s novel of the same name, Penguin Bloom charts the story of a young family struggling to come to terms with an accident that leaves the mother, Sam Bloom (Watts), paralyzed. The family soon find comfort in nursing an injured magpie chick back to health, hence the title.

It’s a far cry from apocalyptic drama and the living dead, but we’re intrigued to see Andrew Lincoln back on our screens – even if it’s for something that bears no relation to The Walking Dead series, or the planned trilogy for Rick Grimes.

Meanwhile, plans are already afoot for The Walking Dead season 10, which isn’t due to premiere until October. But when it does, it seems longtime fans of the zombie drama will be treated to a few twists and turns – one of which will involve Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who has become something of a wildcard ever since the tail-end of season 8.

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