Morgan Actor Lennie James Posts Heartfelt Farewell To Walking Dead Co-Star Chandler Riggs


It’s going on eight years since The Walking Dead lurched onto our screens with “Days Gone By,” and in that time, Carl Grimes became a true cornerstone of AMC’s flagship drama.

He’s journeyed through hell and high water and stared death in the face, but last night, Carl’s fate was sealed. And so, as the outpouring of support and well-wishes continues, Lennie James (Morgan Jones) has now posted a heartfelt goodbye via Twitter.

Of course, the Walking Dead regular knows a thing or two about bittersweet departures, given his Morgan has been earmarked for an appearance on AMC’s sibling series, Fear The Walking Dead. In doing so, he’ll become the bridge between two vastly different worlds, and we’ll begin to get an understanding of Morgan’s crossover from April 15th onwards.

But for the time being, Carl’s untimely death is the main priority – both for the show’s primary cast members and the creative team behind the lens – and here’s a transcript of that farewell message:

You know what I think about you, because I told you. You are an incredible young man, and you are an amazing actor. And I’m really excited for you, actually. I’m sad, because we’ve both left now, so I’m sad about that. But I’m really excited for you, because you’ve got a hell of a career in front of you…so, take your time, and make the right choices, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you’re going to be doing. Miss you. Love you. Well done.

Here’s the full video, as well, courtesy of Twitter:

The Walking Dead season 8 returns to our screens this Sunday with “The Lost and the Plunderers.” Elsewhere on the AMC lot, the fourth season of Fear The Walking Dead will pick up on April 15th, and the network has already rolled out a decidedly old-school poster to set the wheels in motion.

Source: Twitter