The Walking Dead’s Samantha Morton Breaks Down Negan-Alpha Sex Scene


It’s the moment Walking Dead fans wished they could unsee.

During last night’s midseason premiere, “Squeeze,” Negan and Alpha bumped uglies… with their socks on. Is it any wonder episode 10×09 earned a rare sexual content rating?

Far away from the Whisperer camp, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan was ordered to strip down to his birthday suit. The Walking Dead‘s undisputed anti-hero was fooled into thinking that he was being marched to his death, only to discover that Samantha Morton’s Alpha had other intentions. Cue the plot twist.

But as Morton told Talking Dead (h/t, there’s a reason why Alpha chose to have sex with Negan; the Whisperer leader has developed a fleeting attraction towards him, not least because of his “confident, feisty” demeanor.

Alpha’s taking Negan to his death, he thinks. But she plays him. And when they get together as a couple, it just seems like the basic thing of he’s done a really good thing, and he’s gonna get a reward. But I also don’t think she’s ever slept with any other Whisperer. [Negan is] almost everything that her husband never was, that she wishes he was when the apocalypse happened. He seems strong, confident, feisty. He’s got a sting in his tail, he doesn’t seem afraid of anything. He has balls, and he’s not afraid to use them.

It’s still a pretty bizarre scene, good enough to shock The Walking Dead fanbase. But don’t believe the hype, ‘#Nalpha’ isn’t a thing… not now, and perhaps not ever, as Morton told the Talking Dead crew.

I don’t think she’s there thinking, ‘I’m going to have a relationship with this guy.’ She’s still the leader of the Whisperers. But there’s something about him that’s just different, and it’s almost like he wakes up an old part of her that’s been lying dormant for a while.

So, there you have it; Negan and Alpha knocked boots, and your eyeballs will never be the same again. Whether their ‘romantic’ encounter will be addressed in next week’s episode, “Stalker,” is still up for debate. One thing’s for sure, though: last night’s installment of The Walking Dead took a very strange turn. Let’s just hope next time Alpha takes the mask off… if there is to be a next time.

Source: Talking Dead