The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus Spills On Season 7’s Naked Scenes


If there’s one character that was put through the wringer in The Walking Dead season 7 – you know, aside from those that bit the bullet in the most horrific way imaginable – it’s Daryl Dixon.

Subjected to a brutal spell of torture at the hands of Negan, those scenes of a bruised and naked Daryl locked away in prison were admittedly hard to watch, so it’s small wonder why Norman Reedus’ fan-favorite has developed a thirst for revenge in the build-up to season 8. As a matter of fact, it appears Daryl will go rogue at some point, which only has us all the more intrigued to watch The Walking Dead unfold.

But while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Reedus recalled those scenes from season 7 in which Daryl was reduced to Negan’s naked prisoner.

It was real. They give you this little sock to wear, and you feel weirder with the sock on, you know?

The actor later joked about what it was like behind the scenes, particularly for those involved in the show’s makeup department.

I had this makeup artist, Addison, who had to dirty me in areas. So we became very close by the end of the day.

Of course, Norman Reedus could’ve dodged a bullet, and The Walking Dead entirely, if he took heed of everybody’s advice.

It was like one of those scripts you get and everybody’s like ‘don’t do it.’ Yeah, it was a stretch, I mean it was out there ya know, but I saw a guy looking for his family, that was the real story, and it paid off.

Nipping at the heels of “Mercy,” which earned respectable reviews (and, it seems, relatively poor ratings) across the board, The Walking Dead season 8 continues this Sunday with “The Damned,” and you can check out an early promo to whet your appetite.