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The Walking Dead Producer Talks About Recent Firing

The producer of The Walking Dead, Gale Anne Hurd, has addressed the fired writers rumor claiming it isn't anything like what was originally reported.

The producer of The Walking Dead, Gale Anne Hurd, has addressed the fired writers rumor claiming it isn’t anything like what was originally reported.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hurd denies reports of the recent firings saying:

It’s completely inaccurate. [In] the writers’ room, there are people that have set up other projects that will be their first priority if their own series is picked up as a pilot or if it’s a series.

This makes much more sense to me. I haven’t had a chance to watch the show but I couldn’t fathom nor understand why someone would fire their entire writing staff when they are the base behind why the show has been doing so well. There was no promise that a second season was being ordered by AMC until The Walking Dead became a smash hit, the six episode first season will be on DVD soon. The rumors around the writers’ firing, plagues the question: will Greg Nicotero, the make up effects creator, on the first season return?

We certainly hope he’ll be back. As with everything, it’s subject to availability. But he’s a very important member of the team as are his colleagues at [Nicotero’s effects house] KNB. KNB will still be doing our makeup effects.

In the interview, Hurd also confirms the return the of the cast and offers more information about the second season of the show.

The Walking Dead will probably return in October. “I think Frank [Darabont, developer and producer on the show] and Robert [Kirkman, writer of the Walking Dead comic and executive producer on the show] will sit down early next year, to begin mapping it out.” She also confirmed that “every one of the principal cast is signed up for multiple seasons.”

Sounds like everyone needs to calm down, work this all out, and deliver some concrete information for the fans so they can relax and know their show is being well taken care of and not going to be driven into cancellation because of idiocy and greed. Even I’m surprised this show did as well as it did, and when I get the chance I’ll check it out, but AMC needs to stand by their product and not rush or change anything to the production of the show. It’s a hit for a reason and simply put, the fans like what they see.

What do you guys think?

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