The Battle Lines Are Drawn In First Photo For The Walking Dead Season 8’s Finale


While The Walking Dead community is firmly focused on this week’s “Worth” – and rightly so, what with it being the penultimate installment – it’s fair to say that viewers have one eye on the horizon in anticipation of season 8’s extended finale.

Said to bring resolution and a sense of closure to AMC’s adaptation of “All-Out War,” next Sunday’s episode promises to be one for the ages, and thanks to an Instagram account by the name of ‘TWD Lives’ (h/t, we now have our first official look at Rick and Michoone as they’ll appear in season 8’s last hurrah.

Entitled “Wrath,” there are precious few details currently available for The Walking Dead‘s impending finale, but this enticing photo essentially draws the battle lines between one side and the other, which is to say that Rick’s crew is gearing up for one last fight against the Saviors.

Check it out down in the gallery below, along with some pics from this Sunday’s episode:

It’s been a long time coming, of course, but it looks as though The Walking Dead community is about to bear witness to Rick Grimes Vs. Negan: The Finale. And we couldn’t be more excited.

In a recent interview, outgoing showrunner Scott Gimple previewed what lies ahead for our on-screen survivors:

We will see a resolution of the war. It might not be what people are expecting. It might not be what some of the characters even want. But it is a conclusion, and they have to deal with its aftermath. It is a war. There are casualties along the way, and it is incredibly tough business. But it only shows just how deeply connected these characters are and how their fates are tied together, even if some of them don’t want them to be. I would never tell the audience that it was safe to exhale. It is a devastating world that these characters live in, but there is still beauty and hope.

All roads have led to this. After 15 episodes of fist-pumping highs and crushing lows, The Walking Dead season 8 is about to cross the finish line with the super-sized “Wrath” on April 15th. And if you’re curious, select AMC theaters will be hosting said finale alongside the hotly-anticipated premiere of Fear The Walking Dead season 4.

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