The Walking Dead Season 8 Will Herald An Intense Journey For Carol


From Glenn Rhee to Michonne to the inimitable Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead is chock-full of special characters, and it’s these same characters that have helped ensure the success of AMC’s juggernaut even as it approaches its 100th episode on the airwaves.

But if there’s one character who has wormed her way into the hearts and minds of viewers, it’s Carol Peletier. A bona fide mainstay of The Walking Dead, Melissa McBride’s hardened survivor has been caught up in the Walker outbreak since day one, and it seems Carol’s harrowing story isn’t over yet. Far from it, in fact.

As part of its ongoing coverage of The Walking Dead season 8, Entertainment Weekly posted an in-depth interview with McBride, who teased the action-packed arc that awaits her Carol Peletier come October.

I think given the rise of Negan and all the horrible things that she survived since she left, she does feel a call to duty, and that’s the idea that her family never left. She just went off to save herself, but she knows she’s got to fight and she knows what that means to her.

But as previously reported, The Walking Dead season 8 will split many of our heroes into three separate camps: Alexandria, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom. But who will Carol be fighting next month? That’s a question McBride addressed, while also touching on the fraught relationship between Carol and Daryl.

She laid it out for Daryl when he came to her cottage that she’s running a risk of losing herself in the fight, but it’s worth it to her. And I think we’ll see she’s going to fight the conflict in her mind, it’s going to be alive there too. There’s just no way getting around that — if she comes to terms with it. We’ll see.

She continued:

Oh, I think it’s both. They’re coming together to fight this one horrible enemy. She’s still got her family that she started out with. They’re all very special to her and now these new factions are moving in and she’s developing relationships with the Kingdom and they’re good people.

The Walking Dead season 8 begins October 22nd via AMC. Its companion series, Fear The Walking Dead, continues its third season later this evening, just don’t hold your breath for that fabled crossover to occur anytime soon.

Source: EW