The Walking Dead’s Founding Father Rules Out Fabled Clementine Crossover


Forget the all-but-inevitable crossover between The Walking Dead and AMC’s companion series, Fear The Walking Dead, what about the possibility of Clementine, the wise-beyond-her-years protagonist who’s headlined Telltale’s episodic spinoff for the past three seasons, joining forces with Rick Grimes and Co.?

It’s unlikely, of course, given Melissa Hutchison’s pint-sized survivor has carved out her own arc within The Walking Dead universe – not to mention the logistics involved in bringing an animated character over to the realm of live-action – but when Robert Kirkman was quizzed on that fabled crossover at SDCC, TWD‘s founding father rubbished any reports of Clementine landing a cameo role in AMC’s flagship series, telling that Rick and Clem inhabiting the same storyline is the stuff of fanfiction.

That’s not to say that Telltale’s episodic series doesn’t reference Kirkman’s material, as Clementine has crossed paths with the likes of Glenn Rhee and Paul “Jesus” Monroe throughout her journey. But it seems that’s really as far as Telltale and AMC are willing to go when it comes to weaving each property together.

Here’s that status update from Robert Kirkman, courtesy of

No. I like that if you want to play The Walking Dead video game, you get Clementine, and you get a unique experience … I think that it makes The Walking Dead more special that the comic has an experience, and they’re very linked … It would be cool to see Clementine show up and high-five Carl, but you’re just gonna have to write some fan-fiction, I’m sorry.

AMC’s The Walking Dead returns for its eighth season on October 22nd – September 10th for FTWD – and you’d be best buckling up for a breathless thrill ride, one that aims to bring closure to Rick’s raging war against Negan. Elsewhere, Telltale’s fourth and final season of TWD is expected to shuffle onto all the usual platforms in 2018.