The Westeros faithful celebrates ‘House of the Dragon’ succeeding where ‘Game of Thrones’ always failed

house of the dragon
via HBO

The Golden Globes wasn’t a happy place for Game of Thrones fans. Despite the global popularity and critical acclaim, HBO’s fantasy epic was nominated for just eight Golden Globes over its eight-year run, and only scored a single award for Peter Dinklage as Best Supporting Actor. It was in competition for the Best Drama Series five times, though was defeated on every single occasion.

Where Game of Thrones faltered, House of the Dragon has triumphed. Last night, the prequel beat out Better Call Saul, The Crown, Ozark, and Severance to scoop the coveted Best Drama Series prize. It’s a richly deserved win for Westeros, and fans are celebrating the achievement on social media.

It’s a happy day for all dragon fans out there:

Bring on season two!

Champagne corks being popped:

And they said a prequel series wouldn’t work…

Matt Smith fans understandably very pleased:

We can only congratulate those involved:

House of the Dragon season two has already been written, with screenwriter Sara Hess confirming that the driving plot will be Rhaenyra’s roaring rampage of revenge against Alicent and the color green in general. The new episodes are scheduled to begin filming in Spain in early 2023, with a release in late 2024.

The debut season essentially established the stakes and divided the characters into two opposing parties, with the rest of the show devoted to the chaos and conquest that’ll result. We can’t wait for it to return and get some more hot dragon-on-dragon action. But, in the meantime, congratulations to House of the Dragon.

The first season of House of the Dragon is available to stream on HBO Max.