‘The Witcher’ could see a fan favorite joining for season 3

the witcher
Photo via Netflix

With season two over all too quickly, many are already looking forward to season three of The Witcher, and it appears that Netflix is currently looking to cast a character that fans are extremely excited to see come to life in the show.

Reported over on The Witcher news website Redanian Intelligence, it would seem that Netflix may have dropped a clue as to a potential upcoming character in the next season through their casting. With a lot of season two having touched upon Andrzej Sapkowski’s book, Blood of Elves, from the Witcher saga, many fans of the franchise were wondering how much they would see from the following novel Time of Contempt in season three. In and amongst this fan speculation, there was interest in whether the character of Milva aka Maria Barring would be making an appearance.

Netflix was reported to have put out a female casting call with the code name “Marylebone,” a character that will be a series regular. The description goes:

“Marylebone possesses not only a razor sharp wit but a quick blade as well. Her age belies her experience, for she has been forced to mature quickly and learn to survive in a cruel world.”

Fans pointed out the similarities with this description and the character of Milva, a character that was from a long line of hunters and trained as a hunter until her father passes away leaving her to live with her mother and perverse stepfather, whom she ended up attacking before fleeing home. Though it is uncertain if this specific casting call is indeed for Milva, Redanian Intelligence, through their own investigation, states that the character will be joining the show for season three. They also discovered her path will cross with that of Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia towards the end of the season to assist him in a dire situation.

We can only sit and wait for more breadcrumbs to follow before Netflix gives us any real sneak peeks into what season three has to offer.