‘The Witcher’ star Henry Cavill on Superman vs Geralt and his upgraded armor

Image via Netflix

We’re getting more insights into what all went into the making of The Witcher season two from none other than its star, Geralt of Rivia himself, Henry Cavill.

The new revelation comes to us from an interview he recently did with the Toronto Sun, which you can view right here.

“I’d say the challenge or the responsibility is was the same,” said Cavill on what the biggest challenge or difference was between playing Geralt, a character originally created by author Andrzej Sapkowski as part of a series of Polish fantasy books, versus playing Superman. “This is a beloved character, and so for me, it was important to do as much justice to the source material as the vision would allow.”

Cavill went on to say that he “campaigned extra hard” this season to make sure “we got more of the intellectual Geralt, more of the verbose, more of the wise and philosophical-leaning Geralt.”

The Man of Steel actor said fleshing out the dimensions of the character was important because Geralt has multiple layers to his character.

“One of the fun things about Geralt is, yeah, he is grumpy and petulant at times. But he also has a great sense of humor, and as I say, he’s this intellectual type. So you have to have all of that to show the nature of Sapkowski’s work.”

Cavill also explained that Geralt’s armor had been souped up in the second season, which didn’t have an in-universe explanation per se. However, Cavill did give the armor a backstory, with it being a piece of equipment from some ancient, forgotten time. And he even worked with the costume designer on the show to make it more practical for sword fighting.

“It had to be something which I could move in more easily, and so we focused on making sure that the shoulders were built in such a way that they would…it would move, and I can do all the necessary sword fighting that I could do.”

You can watch The Witcher season two on Netflix now.