Nora West-Allen Might’ve Accelerated Crisis On Infinite Earths

Nora The Flash

The “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event is rapidly approaching and has already been explored through the opening episodes of the new Arrowverse seasons. We’re also getting a reliable stream of behind-the-scenes photos and official images of the key players, as well as theories about the eventual fate of the series’ heroes.

A new idea being considered at Screen Rant though is that Nora West-Allen may have inadvertently set into motion the “Crisis” threatening to destroy the DC Multiverse. According to the them, Barry and Iris West-Allen’s daughter triggered a seismic event by destroying Cicada’s dagger at the end of The Flash‘s fifth season. The adult Nora, herself a speedster, traveled back in time to the present to meet her father before his disappearance in the “Crisis,” then reported as happening in 2024. Events come to a head when Nora realizes she’s been manipulated by Eobard Thawne into taking out the dagger responsible for keeping him imprisoned in the future. The timeline change then erased Nora from history, and jumped the “Crisis” forward to 2019.

The theory goes on to consider how the dagger’s destruction lines up with the events of the “Crisis” already being in motion before Nora’s disappearance, something confirmed in the most recent episode of The Flash when Barry meets Jay Garrick to discuss the growing signs of a crisis in the Multiverse. The proposed explanation for how the “Crisis” has been accelerated has to do with the dagger no longer preventing a metahuman from affecting events; the most likely candidate is the Psycho-Pirate, a villain that has an important role in the original comic book version of the story.

Of course, we could still be getting a completely different explanation for why the timeline of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” changed, but the theory does provide an intriguing solution to why the Arrowverse is experiencing a faster collapse of the Multiverse than previously expected. In any case, we’ll get our answers when the “Crisis” event kicks off on December 8th, resolving itself on January 14th.