‘They’ve Been Trying To Cancel Me For Years’ Says Star Trek’s Deanna Troi

Famous stars making comments on social media getting them into hot water has been on the minds of many as of late with Ken Jennings losing his chance to host Jeopardy! under similar circumstances. It seems that “cancel culture” is particularly affecting one Star Trek actress and has been for several years according to a recent interview, going so far as to say, “I hate what social media has done. I think it has destroyed society if I’m honest.”

Marina Sirtis, most remembered for her role as Deanna Trio in Star Trek: The Next Generation, shared that fans have been trying to get her fired from Star Trek despite having not appeared in anything but Picard in recent times outside of lending her voice for the Star Trek: Lower Decks episode “No Small Parts.”

“They’ve been trying to cancel me for years. I mean they have been trying to get me fired off Star Trek and I’m like, ‘I’ve not been on it. There’s no such thing as me being on Star Trek anymore.”

She went on to discuss her particular struggles with users on Twitter.

“I get a lot of hate on Twitter because I’m opinionated. But [people] do try to cancel me. The thing is, it only works if you pay attention. I posted something very innocuous the other day and immediately got snide remarks and negative stuff. I just thought this is getting really old now. I’m not loving this anymore. You can’t even say something totally innocent without someone being a total idiot about it.”

Sirtis also got a bit snarky, discussing why she thinks this sort of harassment happens. “I’m confrontational in the flesh. It’s very easy to be brave hiding behind a silly profile pic, or if you have one at all. It’s very brave.” While it’s unlikely Star Trek fans or critics will confront her in person, it will be interesting to see if more stars in the future avoid social media to prevent potential backlash.