The Thirteenth Doctor Is Finally Getting Her Own Doctor Who Funko Pop


Here’s some good news for Doctor Who fans to help celebrate the show’s 55th birthday today: Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor is getting her own Funko Pop figure.

After being available as a limited edition item at San Diego Comic-Con over the summer, Funko have at last announced that they’re releasing the current Time Lord in their main range this January. The model differs from the one seen at SDCC, too, as that one featured the Doctor in her coat while this figure finds the Doctor sans outerwear, showing off her white sleeves and yellow suspenders.

The official description of the figure reads as so:

“Climb aboard the TARDIS and pay homage to the first female incarnation of the Doctor. Live countless lives and adventures with this eccentric extraterrestrial Pop! at your side.”

Hopefully, the release of Thirteen means that Funko are looking into making Pops for every Doctor. A range of Time Lords have been produced so far but there are still many more to go. Of the classic series leads, only the First and Fourth Doctors currently have Pops in their likeness. If you’re a modern fan, though, you’ll be pleased to know that every Doctor from John Hurt’s War incarnation through to Peter Capaldi’s Twelve have also been produced.

Funko have previously put out another version of the Thirteenth Doctor in their Rock Candy range and it’s clear that there’s a lot of demand for figures of the first female Time Lord. In fact, Whittaker’s heroine also has the honor of having a Barbie doll based on her. That’s been somewhat controversial, though, as some who find the iconic toy sexist disagree with a progressive character like the Doctor being realized in Barbie’s form.

Regardless, if you’re more interested in possessing a squat Thirteenth Doctor with no mouth and big black eyes, you can order the Doctor Who Funko Pop figure from Amazon here.