This Series Beats Rick & Morty As The Most Pirated TV Show Online

Rick and Morty screengrab

Step aside, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland — this new TV show is more pirated than their popular adult sci-fi animation Rick & Morty. According TV data tracking site Television Stats, Apple TV+’s Isaac Asimov adaptation, Foundation, is the most actively torrented television show for Nov. 7.

Under Television Stats’ chart ranking TV shows based on torrenting popularity, Foundation claims the number one spot at 17,756 users actively downloading and uploading the series. The show beats out Rick & Morty, which has just a little over 9,600 torrenters. The Simpsons, Succession, and The Good Doctor round out the top five list.

Torrenting is a peer-to-peer filesharing structure where users can download and upload files piecemeal from various other users. It remains one of the most common ways to pirate films, TV series, and video games.

Television Stats’ torrenting chart tracks for both seeds and leechers, or users who are sharing completed peer-to-peer copies of Foundation, as well as torrenters who are still downloading a final copy, respectively.

While Foundation dominates online piracy, Rick & Morty outranks Apple TV+’s sci-fi epic as one of the most popular TV shows on Reddit, with over 2.4 million subreddit members on r/rickandmorty compared to r/FoundationTV’s 11,374. Dexter outranks Rick & Morty as the fastest growing TV show on Reddit for Nov. 7, with Game of Thrones, Yellowstone, and The Office finalizing the top five fastest growing Reddit communities.

In We Got This Covered’s review for Foundation, our critic praised the series for being “sprawling and convoluted, yet completely coherent once you gauge the cadence and tone,” declaring “there are few programs capable of coming close to this level of reality.” Foundation premiered in September and can be streamed now on Apple TV+, with the series’ 9th episode expected for Friday.