TikTokers share the songs that will save them from Vecna’s curse

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Stranger Things has reintroduced the younger generation to Kate Bush‘s “Running Up That Hill (Deal with God)”. The song played a massive role in Max’s story, as it was used to save her from Vecna’s curse.

After watching episode 4 “Dear Billy”, Stranger Things fans have been sharing songs on TikTok that they think would save them if they were in danger of being assimilated by a terror from the Upside Down.

Some TikTokers have said that the same Kate Bush song (or any rendition of it) will be enough to save them from this psychological death trap.

Others have listed different songs that can help save them and not gonna lie, some of them are absolute bangers. Even the Duolingo Owl has jumped in and shared its life-saving song.

But some TikTok users have noticed that not all songs will work. You have to remember that Stranger Things is still a TV show. They needed an stirring yet era-appropriate song that made Max’s escape from the Upside Down epic. Imagine watching this scene, but having something sad or depressing playing in the background. It isn’t the same.

TikTokers realized that their favorite song, while it might save them, won’t give them that moment of escape that was seen in the show, perhaps making them more depressed. This is bad, considering Vecna’s prey are those who are still dealing with trauma.

This TikTok trend allowed users to share their favorite songs, some also began making playlists “just in case” this scary fictional scenario does come to life. Viewers are being introduced to new music, not just through the show, but also on the app as well.

Volume one of Stranger Things 4 is available to stream now on Netflix.

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