Titans’ Curran Walters Teases Red Hood’s Arrival


Given how Dick Grayson’s character arc is currently unfolding on the live action Titans series, I’d be very much surprised if he didn’t transition to the Nightwing persona before season 1 concludes. Awesome as that would be, it’s actually his successor, Jason Todd, whom we’ll talk about today.

If you’re current on the show, then you no doubt remember how the young man calling himself “Robin 2.0” made his surprise debut two weeks ago. Then, he came back seven days later for the highly entertaining and Easter egg-filled episode named for him.

In the opinion of this writer, actor Curran Walters has thus far proven to be a perfect fit for the character of Jason Todd. Really, not only has he captured the youthful enthusiasm one would have due to fighting alongside Batman, but he also was revealed to have that loose cannon quality known to those familiar with his comic book counterpart.

On that note, Walters recently posted a brief video of himself wearing a Red Hood jacket that’s been making its rounds over on Reddit and shouldn’t be ignored, which you can check out for yourself right below. If the video somehow doesn’t work for you, just click on the box, and it’ll open in another tab.

Curran Walters in a Red Hood jacket from TitansTV

Of course, this could just be an instance of Curran showing appreciation for his character and the legacy he’s carved, though you have to admit those who dig Red Hood comics are probably feeling some measure of excitement right now. Like Nightwing, Jason’s post-Robin identity has a rabid fanbase.

However, we can’t rule out Walters becoming Red Hood at some point on the series, though you’d think his character would first have to be murdered by the Joker, resurrected, and then go through the expected motions. Or, similar to the events depicted in the video game Batman: Arkham Knight, Jason doesn’t die but endures some sort of traumatic experience.

Either way, a time jump in between seasons would be needed to make sure this would be possible. As of now, all we really know about season 2 is that it’ll adapt The Judas Contract in some fashion and introduce a new version of Deathstroke. Whether or not Red Hood is to be included is something the producers will have to work out.

Titans airs on Fridays on DC Universe.

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