Latest Titans Episode Reveals More Batman Connections


Even though it’s not an absolute requirement for Batman to appear on Titans, it’s something I think many DC fans would like to see happen in some capacity. Similar to how The CW’s Supergirl eventually introduced its own iteration of Superman, it’s understandable for people to be curious about what this universe’s take on Batman looks like.

To date, we’ve merely seen Bruce Wayne out of focus on the new series, yet we’re given sporadic teasers of the Dark Knight’s looming presence. And as was expected, the Easter eggs continued turning up in this week’s episode, “Jason Todd,” so I didn’t really mind that Gotham’s guardian himself was absent yet again because what was on hand was certainly satisfying enough.

Having been introduced at the tail end of “Together,” the second young man to take up the mantle of Robin featured prominently in the latest installment, even if the narrative focused largely on weaving Dick Grayson’s past into present events.

Still, Curran Walters impressed as the first live action version of Jason by kicking ass and showing much in the way of personality. What’s more is that he reveals to Dick how he’s been “Robin 2.0” for about a year now, with his own origin mirroring that of his comic book counterpart. In other words, he first met the Caped Crusader while trying to steal the hubcaps off the Batmobile.

If that weren’t enough, Harvey Dent gets name-dropped and we get our first look at Batman’s iconic car – sort of. You see, it’s shown out of focus in a couple flashback shots of Dick in the Batcave, so you’re not given much time to admire it. From what I saw though, it looked like a hybrid of the Batmobile driven by Adam West in the 1960’s and the one made popular by Batman: The Animated Series, if you can imagine such a thing.

Before getting out of here, I’d like to say I can’t wait to see what next week’s episode will bring to the table, especially when you factor in how “Jason Todd” left off. Not meaning to spoil much, I’ll say the eponymous lad is every bit the loose cannon one would expect, forcing Dick to examine where he’s at with the whole Robin identity.

To give you a better idea, before heading back to Bruce’s safehouse where he and the others have now set up shop, Dick replies to Starfire’s question of how many Robins she should expect with “none.” Given that, fingers remain crossed for a full-on transition to the Nightwing persona before season 1 concludes.

Titans airs on Fridays on DC Universe.