Why Titans Is The Live-Action TV Series That DC Needs


As soon as the first images of Titans hit the internet, there was controversy. A lot of fans took issue with an African-American actress portraying an orange alien and demanded a more comic book accurate interpretation. Sadly, all other orange aliens were contractually tied up in other projects such as The Wind in the Martian Willows, so it is what it is.

Stupidity aside, things didn’t get much better after the first Titans trailer made it on the web. The excessive violence and Robin cursing Batman twisted some panties into a bunch and the inevitable “not muh” crap got flung around by the usual suspects. Strange how DC mentioned months before that the show would be mature and R-rated and people were still surprised by this development. It’s as if folks don’t read or pay attention to the details anymore…

Once again, it appears as if the internet has made its mind up about something before having the full picture. There’s no changing that, unfortunately, so it’s up to Titans to actually convince the naysayers of its quality. Frankly, it looks like it could be exactly what DC TV needs at the moment.

Unlike the loudmouths, though, we’ll substantiate our claims, so read on for our reasons.