Titans Star Elaborates On The Batman-Robin Split


Though the highly anticipated live action Titans series certainly has a lot going for it, one of the major drawing points undoubtedly has to be that of the matured Robin – and the intrigue surrounding his split from Batman. Granted, fans of comics and animation are familiar with this rocky period in the crimefighters’ shared careers, but odds are that a TV show will add new elements to the mythology.

By now, pretty much everybody reading this article has become acquainted with the infamous “f–k Batman” line, but we’ve received assurances that the series will indeed explore the reason behind their split. Heck, there’s even been a brief promo teasing just that.

Elaborating on this topic was actor Brenton Thwaites, who’s playing the grownup Boy Wonder himself. In a recent interview with ComicBook.com, he had this to say about the fracturing of the Dynamic Duo:

“You know what, man? I think Batman just stole my sneakers. That was it.”

Okay, that wasn’t it. But as Thwaites continued, he gave a serious answer:

“Dick Grayson is trying to leave that way of fighting crime. He doesn’t believe in… He learns and evolves in a way that Batman hasn’t, mentally. And he kind of breaks away from fighting crime the way Batman does, because he doesn’t believe it is right. And that’s basically what we see in the first episode, is Dick Grayson trying to support himself and fight crime in a way that he believes is right, without Batman. And so those words, that line that we see, kinda gives us an idea of the tone that we’re going for with the show.”

Make no mistake, this character isn’t one to pull punches because, as I can confirm after viewing the first three episodes, Dick does stab a guy in the, um, dick at one point. But yeah, he’s trying to establish himself as a man markedly different from the Dark Knight, so it’ll be intriguing to see what happens when he meets his successor in Jason Todd.

Titans premieres on Friday, October 12 on DC Universe. For more, be sure to check out our review.

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