Animated Spider-Man Show Starring Tom Holland Reportedly In Development


Now that Spider-Man is back in the MCU, Marvel wants to get as much out of the character as they can. Though the current deal in place says that the studio can only put him in two movies (that includes Spider-Man 3), president Kevin Feige may have found a way around this.

It’s being rumored that executives want Tom Holland to lead an animated series surrounding the web-head for the upcoming Disney Plus streaming streaming service. Sony only owns the film rights to the superhero, which means that Marvel can theoretically create a television show surrounding Peter Parker without violating the terms of the agreement.

A potential roadblock, however, might be Holland’s contract. Right now, it’s unknown if his deal would allow him to voice the character without permission from Sony. If it does, though, an animated series might just materialize.

Of course, Disney could always get someone else to voice the web-slinger, but they’d obviously much rather have the most popular Spider-Man actor of all-time in the titular role. Alternatively, they could also take a page from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and allow someone other than Peter Parker to gain arachnid-like abilities. After all, the comics are already beginning to lay the groundwork for this to happen, as did the aforementioned Academy Award-winning animated film.

As of right now though, all of this is just conjecture. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but we’re definitely keeping our fingers crossed. There’s no denying that it would be awesome to get additional web-head content in any way, shape or form and as soon as we hear more on this potential Spider-Man TV show, we’ll be sure to let you know.