Tom Welling May’ve Just Confirmed He’s In Crisis On Infinite Earths


The Arrowverse is about to pull off its biggest crossover yet with “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” as the multiversal premise will allow for multiple DC icons from other media to reprise their roles one more time. Already, we’ve had it confirmed that Kevin Conroy’s finally playing Batman in live-action, Burt Ward is returning as an older Robin and Brandon Routh is suiting up as Superman again.

Of course, another one that fans are desperately hoping to see is Tom Welling back as Clark Kent, the part he played for ten years on SmallvilleWe’ve so far heard some conflicting intel about whether this will come to pass in the crossover, but the actor himself may just have revealed that we can expect him to turn up in “Crisis.”

Welling shared a Boomerang video of himself on a shoot in South Africa on his Instagram page yesterday and the comments were obviously full of people asking if he’d come back as Clark. One fan, in particular, mentioned that they hope he’ll be in “Crisis.” Intriguingly, Welling replied with a short message that seems to be a confirmation: “Duh!!!” the star wrote.

Wait, what? Is this really what it looks like? Well, it’s possible that Welling is kidding in his response and is just cheekily teasing his fans, knowing full well that we all want to see him in the crossover. However, maybe he’s being genuine. After all, at a convention appearance earlier this year, the actor reportedly said he’d show up in Arrow‘s final season, so he might’ve already let the cat out the bag.

It’s also worth pointing out that Black Lightning‘s Cress Williams announced on Instagram that he was going to be in “Crisis,” just a day or so before it was officially confirmed. So maybe The CW will make Welling’s involvement a done deal later this week. And if he could bring Michael Rosenbaum back as Lex Luthor with him, that’d be great, too.

The five-part “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event begins December 8th on The CW, before stretching over the Christmas break and concluding on January 14th.