Mitchel Broussard’s Top 10 Television Shows Of 2015

2015 best tv

Just as summer came to an end, as must the year as a whole, and with the impending New Year comes the time to list all of the best television shows that vied for our collective attention spans in 2015. There were worthy combatants this year, maybe more so than recent years on the small screen: networks were finally unafraid to show some diversity (Empire), tinker with unorthodox storytelling (The Leftovers), and let the ladies do the talking, joking and pegging (Broad City).

The medium’s “golden age” seemed to expand and pulsate with knowing clarity, and at least when it wasn’t exactly executing high art it was sending us to our DVR’s collective trash pile in fits of giggles (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Galavant, any time Kristen Schaal showed up on The Last Man on Earth). With all of this swirling through our minds, We Got This Covered tasked me with putting together my own definitive year-end ranking for the ten best TV series of 2015.


I kept it to a strict ten, so I must admit with a heavy sadness some honorable mentions: the brilliant denouement to Mad Men, the every-episode-is-a-finale Empire, and the bold summer-time hits UnREAL and Mr. Robot.

Also, as with my previous rankings, there won’t be an overtly “bad” list here, but something’s gotta be on the bottom. So, with that said, let’s start with number ten…