New Trailer And Poster For Dexter Season 7

The Season 6 finale of Dexter changed the show forever as the relationships between characters have drastically altered, especially that of Dexter and Deb. This means that despite an incredibly mediocre last couple of seasons, Showtime now has a goldmine to play with in terms of where they could take the show in the next season.

Beware, spoilers for Season 6 lie within the next paragraph.

Fans of the show will know that at the close of last season, Deb discovered Dexter’s dark passenger as she walked in on him performing one of his ritual killings. It was a surprising but inevitable move for the show and I expect it go to some dark and shocking places.

Debuting in the Fall, Showtime have released this small promo and poster that do indicate the show will go down some dark paths indeed. Although this will now be its seventh year on air, the plot turn promises a refreshed plate for the Deb/Dexter relationship, which is nothing but good news.

Dexter returns to Showtime on September 30th.

Check out the poster and trailer below.

Source: The Playlist